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Edge Music Festival 2021 Schools Project
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Sustainable music learning

We go beyond project based funding as learning a musical instrument takes a long time - It's worth it!!


Music is for everybody. Not just for those that can afford it!



Dursley Music follows best practice for safeguarding. Please click here for more details



Seth says: ‘it was really fun to have the experience of playing on a video call and I hope to do it again next week.  I have been playing my trombone lots all day and I am going to try and learn the words to We are the Champions now too.’

Seth, young trombonist

'There has been a noticeable improvement in behaviour and concentration with the children learning music with Dursley Music'

D. Swain, local primary school teacher


Dursley Music

What is best for the child?

Find out how music can transform the lives of all pupils


We know how challenging music delivery is. That is why we work strategically with schools to help. Learning an instrument can be tricky and therefore needs lots of support, However music is fun, great for mental health, builds teams, is creative and studies have shown how learning music maximises the best outcomes for children. 

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 Our Services Include


  • Podcasts
  • Activity Packs
  • Fun Audio
  • School Visits
  • Working with schools strategically
  • Special events
  • Competitions
  • One to one teaching
  • & more..