Edge Music Festival

Learning music isn’t as important as learning other things = wrong. Learning music won’t get you a job = wrong. Learning music won’t make you any money = wrong. Learning music is just an added extra = wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s all wrong. Learning music is what is needed. - Vaughan Flieschfresser

Pictures at an Exhibition

In order to help the children connect with their community the inspiration for the music will be sought locally. Edward Jenner, Dursley Market, Wotton Hill, The Majestic River Severn and much more....

This year we are getting more children involved with the festival. If you are with a school in the area then please make sure you are involved. There's no charge to the schools. Just making music. This project will connect our community and give the children a chance to be involved in a fun, creative project exploring our area.

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