Edge Music Festival

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Pictures at an  Exhibition

Edge Music Festival Schools project 2021



Pictures at an Exhibition




Times        Name of the Picture                          Which class?


Prologue    Dawn over Slimbridge Wetlands        Slimbridge                                                                                     Primary 

4.30           Trains                               Magnolia - Dursley Primary


8                Children on Stinchcombe Hill            Elm - Cam                                                                                       Woodfield 


12             Promenade


13             Uley Bury                        Sequoia - Dursley Primary


16.30        Promenade


17.30        2 Buzzards                                      Cam Hopton


21             Cam Peak as a Portal to another Universe    Mapel -                                                                            Dursley Primary


25              Promenade


25.30         Cat                        Copper Beech - Dursley Primary


28              Promenade


29             Mr Badger visits outside areas of school    Kings                                                                                             Stanley


32.30        Fire at Listers                    Cam Everlands


36.30        Dursley Market                Cedar - Dursley Primary


38.30        Finale - The Future                Willow x 2. Cam                                                                  Woodfield and Dursley Primary


44.30        Edward Jenner Song                Berkeley Primary

Cam Everlands 1st visit 2021.jpg

Learning music isn’t as important as learning other things = wrong. Learning music won’t get you a job = wrong. Learning music won’t make you any money = wrong. Learning music is just an added extra = wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s all wrong. Learning music is what is needed. - Vaughan Flieschfresser

Pictures at an Exhibition


We have started visiting the schools and having great fun with music. Here is a quote from the teacher at Cam Everlands:

We had a great afternoon - the children went home buzzing and I had an email from a parent saying how much her boys enjoyed it!