Edge Music Festival

Learning music isn’t as important as learning other things = wrong. Learning music won’t get you a job = wrong. Learning music won’t make you any money = wrong. Learning music is just an added extra = wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s all wrong. Learning music is what is needed. - Vaughan Flieschfresser

Pictures at an Exhibition


We have started visiting the schools and having great fun with music. Here is a quote from the teacher at Cam Everlands:

We had a great afternoon - the children went home buzzing and I had an email from a parent saying how much her boys enjoyed it!

This year we are getting more children involved with the festival. If you are with a school in the area then please make sure you are involved. There's no charge to the schools. Just making music. This project will connect our community and give the children a chance to be involved in a fun, creative project exploring our area.

Cam Everlands 1st visit 2021.jpg